How wonderfully the moon was to have been ironed last night
And carefully kept the moon in its place
And last night I ironed the moon
And lifted the daffodil back on top of the daisy
And folded the daffodil back on top of the moon
And carefully carried the moon upstairs
And kept the moon in the daffodil closet
Last time I ironed the moon

Of the November Framework
Squirrels ran along the bare November branches
But a tree is an amber stairway
That is being hammered during November
for the reminder of a daily architectural hammer
That stays with the autumn framework

Ironing Board

Ironically, an iron bud
           blooms in the summer heat
Ironically, an iron bunny
           speaks to one at a summer sunset window
They never read of the bitter toilsome roots
           of the summer daisies that swayed in the sunset winds
They never knew of the daisies at the table
           but an iron bud smoothes them over carefully

                "puts one daisy for one wise guy
                after another into a basket, and keeps one
                daisy ironed for oneself Tonight
                that roams crazily at the dumb doorway"
Yet as ever a daylong roaming bunny
           speaks wisely of Today's travels, at sunset range

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